Passports, Visas & Travel Documents

Obtaining Your Travel Documents

Please remember to obtain all required travel documents prior to departure and check your documentation carefully to avoid incurring costs associated with delays, losses or obtaining documents while travelling. Guests are advised to check with their specialist cruise consultant to determine which documents they must obtain. If incorrect documents are obtained, guests will be unable to participate in particular shore excursions and may be denied boarding and/or entry into certain countries.


Due to airline security measures, your passport name must match your airline ticket name or you may be denied boarding. Your passport’s expiration date must be at least six months after your return from your trip; if it is not, you should renew your passport.


If you are travelling with us to China, Russia, Burma or Vietnam and Cambodia, you will need a visa.* You will need to have a valid passport before you make these arrangements.

As a service to guests, we are able to arrange visas through an independent third party (CIBTvisas). If you would like to take advantage of this service or you would like further information please call our payment and visa line on 0208 780 7900.

You may wish to arrange your own visa(s) for more information please contact us directly.

*Please note that Vietnam and Cambodia e-visas may not be used.


Tickets and other travel documents will be issued approximately 3 weeks prior to departure. Your tickets will come with booking conditions; it is important to read and understand them before you go.