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About Amada

The Temple of Amada is considered the oldest Egyptian temple in Nubia. It was constructed by the 18th-dynasty pharaoh Thutmose III and dedicated to the god Amun. Thutmose III’s son and successor, Amenhotep II, enhanced the temple’s decoration, and his son, Thutmose IV, continued the enhancements by placing a roof over the forecourt, creating an enclosed hall of pillars (a hypostyle).

The outside of the temple is not as impressive as the interior; the walls and columns are decorated with finely cut, vibrantly colored scenes of the pharaohs making offerings to the gods.

The name “Amun” was later destroyed throughout the temple by Akhenaten, who had unusual monotheistic leanings, but later restored by Seti I of the 19th dynasty (son of Rameses I).