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Wadi el Seboua Cruises

About Wadi el Seboua

Wadi el Seboua is a Nubian temple built in honor of Rameses II near the end of his reign. It was built by Setau, Viceroy of Kush (Nubia, now northern Sudan). The name Wadi el Seboua means Valley of the Lions in Arabic; the name refers to the eight sphinxes guarding the temple.

The temple consists of the surviving set of pylons and the rock-cut part of the temple. The outer walls and first two sets of pylons did not survive. The interior has many fine reliefs. There are two colossal statues of Rameses, one upright and one fallen; two more are thought to have been lost.

This temple is one of the Nubian monuments that was moved prior to the completion of the Aswan Dam; the original location was about a mile and a half east of its current location.