Why Viking

Why Viking

Viking Explorer Society

Being a member of the Viking Cruises family allows you to enjoy rich travel experiences and the rewarding benefits of the Viking Explorer Society. Once you take a Viking vacation, you are automatically enrolled in the Viking Explorer Society, meaning you are part of a community of sophisticated travelers, people who like to expand their world view through travel. Travelers like you.

Explore More Magazine

Explore More is a quarterly magazine designed exclusively for you. Full of fascinating travel features, first-hand accounts,
celebrity interviews, competitions, recipes and inspiring itinerary ideas, it’s your go-to guide for all things Viking.

Download our Explore More travel magazine App here

The Amulet, Exclusive Explorer Society Newsletter

Explorer Society past guests can catch up on the latest Viking news and views, and have the opportunity to win some great prizes in our regular competitions.

Viking Recipes

Dining is a very important highlight of any travel experience, but especially with Viking. Our chefs create a variety of delicious offerings featuring European, Russian and Asian specialties, adapted for Western tastes. Your meals are prepared to order throughout your cruise, featuring fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits. Now, experience the flavors and aromas of regional specialties from our galley to your kitchen.

Come and Meet Us...

We regularly attend shows and hold presentations and events where you can come and meet us, and enjoy an informal chat with our friendly team. It's a great opportunity to find out more about our award-winning cruises and ask any questions you may have. To keep up to date on all our events, join us on Facebook , Twitter or sign up to our emails.

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Cooking with Karine

Join Karine Hagen of Viking River Cruises as she learns how to make the world’s finest noodles, prepares a special dish of Prague Duck, cooks up delicious Hungarian Goulash, and more.

Viking Charity

Hounds For Heroes

Allen was a Chief Petty Officer serving in the Royal Navy in the Gulf. He had a very promising military career ahead of him and a wife and two children at home in Portsmouth. Then a tragic operational incident changed his life completely. He then set up, Hounds for Heroes, which provide specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled men and women of both the Armed Forces and Emergency Services. Through this provision they aim to provide help and practical support leading to an enhanced quality of life.

Viking Cruises are pleased to announce that so far this year we’ve raised £2,041.84 for Hounds for Heroes.

All dogs are carefully selected for the qualities needed to produce excellent assistance dogs. The Charity has a small army of puppy parents who help with the first year of training. The dogs then enter advanced training to turn them from well behaved dogs into fully trained assistance dogs that not only bring quality of life to their owner by opening doors, picking up items, getting money from ATMs, opening train doors. The dogs bring companionship and love that can be missing when someone becomes disabled. When the dogs are fully trained the ownership will be fully transferred to the disabled partner.

Follow Us

Whether you are a Viking Cruises veteran, have booked a trip with us but not yet sailed or are just beginning to consider traveling with us, we want to make sure we can stay connected with you on every step of your journey.

A great way to do that is connect with Viking Cruises via social media. We have one of the biggest travel-related groups on Facebook, a lively Twitter feed and a loyal audience on Google+ and we'd love for you to join us.