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Patricia Waite

I loved this book. It is beautifully written and Kya, the central character, was someone I will never forget. The author is clearly a keen naturalist and her descriptions of the flora and fauna of the marshes drew me in so much that I felt immersed in the atmosphere of the location. I really didn’t want the book to finish, and it is certainly a book I will read again.

Barry Turvey

This is my first time reviewing any type of book and I'm so pleased this is the first. It took a while to get used to the style of American writing especially when the North Carolina style of dialect is used. After a couple of chapters I got used to the style and I was completely hooked! The story is based on a female character starting as a young child and following her local adventures to her old age. The main theme is when she is accused of a serious crime and the resulting outcome. You also get to know about her lifestyle and relationships, and that of her local community.

Yvonne Upton

I was delighted to receive this book in the post from Viking as I had it on my list of Kindle future purchases - it was a lovely surprise. For me, the book lived up to the very best of the reviews I had seen promoting it - it did not disappoint. I found the descriptions of the location as seen through the eyes of the central character, Kya, to be both beautiful and fascinating. They added to the haunting feeling that the book created for me as I read and was testament to the work of the author Delia Owens in her other role as a wildlife scientist. There were so many themes in this book that touched me: family, prejudice, love, loss, our relationship with nature, and the crime story running alongside worked well. I didn't find myself rushing on to find out what happened next in the chapters that were more about Kya; both elements of the narrative held me, and I just wanted to carry on reading. I wasn't surprised by the ending, despite the outcome of the trial, and understand how other readers could, and have, found it unconvincing- there were enough theories put forward to allow me to think the outcome was always possible. Kya, as the central character, was fascinating and compelling although I did wonder about just how feasible it was that she could ultimately read the scientific texts she did with such understanding and use the complex scientific language with such ease when talking about her environment. However, I was sufficiently drawn to her to suspend any doubt. It was a touching and beautiful book that had me wanting more when it ended. I look forward to reading more Delia Owens' fiction.

Jo Young

After a bit of a slow start, as I got used to reading the Southern American dialect, the story really gripped me. A beautiful, yet sometimes distressing account of a young girl growing up alone in the marshes of North Carolina. It combined murder, love, loneliness and discrimination all whilst describing the beautiful flora and fauna of the area. A simply wonderful novel!

Chris Wright

This isn’t a book I would have chosen in the bookshop, but I was gripped, it truly carried you along in the story. I just wanted to keep on reading to know what happened next. I really felt her sense of loss all through the story and was pleased that she got closure eventually. I loved her journey of self-discovery and realisation of her worth. This book has something for everyone, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Sue Roberts

Really enjoyed this book a bit different and well written. Kept me guessing to the end. I usually read books by the same author, so it was a pleasant change. I would recommend this book specially to enjoy while on a river cruise!

Lindsay Robinson

This is not a book I would have chosen to read - it did not seem to be my usual mix of thriller or historical fiction. How wrong I was…I had to go into hospital for a few days and thought I might read it there. It was done by the end of day one! Beautifully written, incredibly descriptive, an unusual mix of murder story, courtroom drama but with the main story lines of domestic abuse, misogyny, racism, love and pain running all the way through. It is a complex and beautiful read. The main character is Kya, a damaged little girl, who suffered from growing up with a highly abusive father and runs through her life story. The book ends with a dramatic murder trial and has some unusual twists and turns with a couple of last-minute surprises! This book is well worth a read.

Michael Wagstaff

Thanks for this amazing book to review, a wonderful holiday read. A mesmerising mystery, woven with descriptions of the heroines struggles, unusual lifestyle and love and understanding of nature. Well written, thought provoking and gripping to the end. Heart-wrenching and unsettling but peppered with kindness in unexpected places.

Sheila Wallace

It is not a book that I would have picked from the shelf in a bookstore, but I really enjoyed it. It is a different ‘Whodunit’ murder mystery. It is beautifully written and very descriptive of the lifestyle which Kya follows when one by one her family leave her to fend for herself. When the murder of a young man is discovered, Kya Clark becomes the main suspect. She is someone who has grown up with labels "White Trash/Marsh Girl'' by people who do not know this quiet sensitive girl. Does she do it? I will leave you to find out.