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Robert Dinsmore

First and foremost, I am not the type of person that engages with novels that depict animals as characters in the story-line. So it is a free read and worth the investigation.

In the first twenty or so pages, it took me a while to decipher the characters, both human and feline from their unusual names; however I persevered and found that I was actually enjoying the read.

It turned out to be a quite heart-warming tale of the human character's love of his life with people that he grew up with, coupled with the affection towards his cat.

In his travels with the cat became evident that the human was suffering an incurable illness and wanted someone from his past to take on the ownership of the said cat. It was a journey that proved fruitful in the end, an aunt took ownership of the cat, but it was touching to have the story relayed through the mind of the cat, who could envisage the bond with each other in the afterlife.

Betty Haley

Completely taken in by the tales of this cat and have now become a lover of cats knowing their feelings and trials and tribulations.

The bond between a cat and its owner is a story in itself. A thought provoking read.

Julie McGuigan

This book was an unexpected treat. I have to disclose I am a cat owner so I was intrigued by this book

The story is of a road trip told mostly from the point of view of Nana the stray cat who was adopted by Satoru.

However, it is much more than that, part mystery, part love story and part observations of human character and relationships and how the past colours these. Put aside any scepticism about the narrator being a cat, this book really captures the bonds that we have to our animal companions.

I found it easy to read and enjoyed the gentle pace and beautiful descriptions of travelling in Japan.

Susan Marshall

This was a book I wouldn’t have initially chosen in a bookshop but having been sent it I felt it was worthwhile giving it a try. I have learned to never judge a book by its cover, literally! I loved the relationship between Satoru and his cat Nana. A very heartwarming read and a book I would keep and read again.

Jonathan Simpson

The Travelling Cat Chronicles is a delightful read. Anyone who has ever had a pet will relate to this book and read it with familiarity. Themes of loyalty and friendship are evident throughout. I would happily recommend this book to anyone.