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Ian Fellowes

I looked forward to reading this book as I felt the author's intimate knowledge of Mustique would add a level of detail regarding the island and its occupants, in this I was not disappointed and I also found her writing style made it a very easy read. I soon got used to the style whereby a chapter written in the first person would be followed by one in the third person. This kept my interest level up as I frequently wanted to know what happened next and had to read another chapter to find out! The plot was easy to follow and stayed mainly within the realms of possibility although every now and then certain elements did appear to be far-fetched. I very much liked the way fact was interspersed with the fiction which certainly added to my enjoyment, although at times I was unable to distinguish one from the other! Perhaps that was the sign of good writing. A good storyline, well written and easy to read.

Jane Whelan

Not my usual sort of book, but it would be perfect reading on a Viking cruise to the Caribbean. And full praise for the author, who at the time of publication, was 89 years old. Well done! The story is well structured, the writing good enough to keep the reader interested. The author is well acquainted with the island and describes it aptly. However, I wasn’t particularly pleased with the ending. Without giving much away, the narrator who was meant to be 70 years old, fends off physically two young burly men. This seems improbable. Also, I didn’t like how the killer was revealed. There weren’t enough clues for the reader to suspect him. There should have been more hints about the killer’s warped personality. In my opinion, the revelation was too sudden, too unbelievable.

Amanda Hargreaves

An entertaining read on a wet and windy day in lockdown. Not too taxing, instantly transporting the reader to the beautiful island of Mustique. Written in an almost autobiographical style, successfully combining fact and fiction, leaves the reader to decide which is which. The characters are well developed, believable and the pace of the book is just right. If you are a ‘Death in Paradise’ fan, don’t hesitate, this book is for you.

Christine Turley

This book was a tonic during the cold and miserable days in lockdown. It transported me back to the Caribbean with its wonderful weather and easy lifestyle. The author Anne Glenconner knows the island so well as she and her husband Lord Glenconner transformed the island into a paradise for the rich and famous in 1958. Princess Margaret built a home there, and in 1971 Anne became her Lady in waiting. The story begins with lady Vee's goddaughter Lily Calder who is working on the islands coral reef conservation project when her friend Amanda goes missing after an early morning swim. Lady Vee teams up with DS Solomon Nile the only policeman on the island to help solve the mystery, but is she putting herself in danger? There are lots of twists and turns to this detective story. Lots of colourful characters which makes you wonder whether they may be based on real life characters. If you enjoy The BBC series Death in Paradise, this is a book for you. I enjoyed this book immensely and would recommend it if you want an easy escape into another world.

Amelia Ash

I hadn't heard of this book before, so didn't really have any expectations. The book is set on the exotic island of Mustique around several key characters. When two young people go missing and are later found dead, the hunt for the murderer begins. The final chapters were a little disappointing - the revelation of the murder dragged on a little and was a bit of an anti-climax as it wasn't overly clear what their motive was. However, I enjoyed learning about the characters and found it a fairly accessible and enjoyable read.