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Neil Squires

Having never read any of Kate’s books before ,I had a completely open mind about what to expect. Looking back ,there are lots of false trails and the plot is well revealed ,keeping the reader engaged. The two characters of Kadja and Nadia are not who you think they are and the subject matter of human trafficking and sexual abuse isn’t glossed over or made incidental to the plot.

The character of Jackson Brodie is given depth and credibility by details of ,for example , Brodie’s thoughts about members of his family who have died that give an impression of him being a lone wolf , constantly not at ease and looking for something to enable him to settle.

In summary, I enjoyed the book and would like to read more of the adventures of these characters.

Linda Hampson

This is the 5th book in a series about a private investigator, Jackson Brodie, who appears to have led an interesting life.

I have not read the previous 4 books (although I now I tend to) but still found the story easy to follow. However I think if you knew more about the past this book would have been more enjoyable.

I really enjoyed the way Kate Atkinson writes and there was a lot of humour in her writing and also good up to the minute references to world and local news. The life of a private investigator never straight forward and the tangled web of the story kept my interest to last page.

I look forward to a 6th novel - definitely enough loose ends!

Malcolm Darroch

An excellent book with many twists and surprises along the way.

The first few chapters seemed unrelated to a possible story, then gradually all the characters developed and blended leading to the final outcome.

The writing was exciting and the humour so cleverly executed.There were so many different scenarios I was curious and compelled to wish for a happy ending and the conclusion certainly did address all the issues and served justice where necessary.

The characters were well described and the frequent appearances of each person in intermittent chapters kept one interested and informed.

Each page contained elements of comedy and made one laugh and chuckle with the author's ideas and opinion whatever your own beliefs and rules are. All this whilst dealing with some sensitive issues.

This is a clever story and it entertained and kept one in suspense throughout the book.