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Janice Eastwood

I have not yet had a chance to try the recipes but at first glance, the contents look very inviting. The photographs of the dishes certainly make one's mouth water and imagine the different smells of the food. They make me want to pick up bowl, spoon and ingredients. As a lover of Asian food, I turned to these pages first as I have always been reluctant to try to make this type of food myself. However, quickly reading these pages and seeing the finished meal on the opposite side of the page, gives me confidence and I will surely be trying these out. The other descriptive pages are very helpful and have given me more ideas of where I want to travel next.

Jackie Inglis

As well as those interested in cooking dishes from other countries this book has a great deal to offer travellers who are interested in the history behind the types of food eaten in the countries they visited. The lives and diet of the Viking’s throws new light on these explorers from the Middle Ages. There is an evocative picture of each country mentioned as well as tantalising illustrations of its special dishes. In the recipes the ingredient quantities are helpfully given in metric and imperial measures. Where ingredients have different names in other countries, the English equivalent is noted. The recipes are written in numbered short steps. The range of recipes cover everything from everyday food to more exotic dishes. The sections on the history of coffee, wine and other drinks completed a thoroughly good read even before trying the recipes. The presentation throughout is most attractive.

Pamela Hook

Thank you Viking for "The Kitchen Table" book which my husband received from the Viking Book Club. A lovely idea to have in one book recipes from around the globe. An invitation to try new recipes and variations on old favourites, which I have already done. Ingredients are mostly from the store cupboard, an added bonus so no need to search the supermarket for those only used in one particular recipe. Instructions are clear and concise. Interesting articles too on coffee and wine. A lovely reminder of countries visited with Viking and pleasures to come.

Phillip Hayward

There are only 57 recipes in the whole book which is not many considering the secondary title of "A Culinary Journey around the World" There is a lot of "padding" with photographs and not much content. Of the total 208 pages over half (119) are full page photos of which 41 are of the finished food. However some of these are so artistic that you do not get a sense of size of the dish. As far as the recipes themselves are concerned I noted the following: One recipe for Bread and Butter Pudding clearly states to cut off the crusts, but they are very obviously attached in the photograph. The Tiramisu (p55) and Baklava (p62) recipes could be improved by giving an approximate sizing of the dish or tin recommended. In summary I think that 'The Kitchen Table' cannot decide whether it is a travel or very basic recipe book; does neither that well; and to me at £20 appears to be a very expensive coffee table book.

Janet Franklin

Sumptuous Book and Sumptuous Food. In keeping with everything that is Viking 'The Kitchen Table' is a delight taking the reader on a tour of some of the best locations and foods from around the world. Each port of call is beautifully depicted and associated foods are appropriate with detailed instructions for their preparation. The book manages to not only act as a prompt to revisit splendid memories but also to whet the appetite for further adventures. I have begun the culinary journey of working through the various recipes (easy and familiar first) and have found preparation and cooking easy while thoroughly enjoyed the results. Family too! In summary, the book is an excellent addition to the Viking stable.

Dave Etherington

This is truly a beautiful international recipe book with superb illustrations, something one can keep and refer to for a lifetime. The recipes are well described and should be fun for anybody interested in trying these out. Cuisine aboard Viking ships is out of this world, so to produce this book is an absolutely marvellous idea. Ideal for surprises when arranging dinner parties with so many recipes to refer to. Unfortunately, I am about to take a Viking cruise so unable to experiment at this time. Try the recipes before cruising and if any problems occur you could then talk to one of the chefs to gain advice and hopefully reach perfection. This is a lovely publication so many thanks to Viking for giving me the opportunity to review.

Stephen Emlyn-Jones

This beautifully bound hardback volume is more than just a recipe book. Lavishly illustrated with some fifty-eight recipes from twenty five countries and three continents there is surely something for every taste. The selection includes not only meals but soups, sandwiches and a variety of sweets. As well as preparation instructions each menu includes an introduction to the associated geographical location. The writer of this review is from Britain so it was pleasing to see such stalwarts as Shepherd's Pie, Bread and Butter Pudding as well as the quintessentially English Cream tea! However, for those of a more exotic taste included are "Banh Mi" baguettes from Vietnam together with "Bai Sach Chrouk", a breakfast dish from Cambodia. Completing the book are informative articles on coffee, wine, beer and three digestives, namely Armagnac, sauternes and Limoncello. The book contains a detailed index of the 208 pages. This compendium would make an attractive addition to anyone's coffee table in addition to its use as culinary suggestions for "The Kitchen Table" as its title suggests.