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Eileen North

If I had seen Red Notice on the shelf I would have dismissed it as 'not my sort of book'. How wrong could I be? I found this book so easy to read even though I had no understanding of financial business, or interest in Russian politics. It reads as a good fictional story but then you say "hold on, this actually happened...." I could not believe how petty, stubborn and revengeful the people in power could be in this day and age. This book is certainly eye opening. Thank you Bill Browder for having the courage to fight and write this book. Thank you for this book. I was absorbed and read it in three days!

Chris Kitchener

Oh, the joy of being a new Viking Book Club member, the delight at being selected to review a book, and the anticipation of what it would be! Bill Browder’s Red Notice is a true story of fraud, bribery and corruption. Sergei Magnitsky was a solicitor who advised Bill’s Russian investment firm Hermitage. Sergei found the ownership of the company’s subsidiaries mysteriously changed hands and alleged the theft of £185 million by tax officials. He was placed under arrest himself for alleged complicity in tax evasion, tortured by prison guards, beaten and denied treatment for a severe medical condition. His subsequent death after eleven months in custody generated international media attention and triggered inquiries into allegations of fraud, theft and human rights violations. An insight into the world of the oligarchs, politicians and the ordinary men with the guts to succeed against corruption and manipulation. This one had me reading far into the night. It’s preyed on my mind ever since. Sergei’s death had me unreservedly crying. Bill Browder has an unwavering commitment to seeking justice and uncovering corruption despite him and his family always looking over their shoulders in case of retribution. Wow, what a thriller!

Grace Woods

A fascinating and frightening story - except that it is not a story! Reading this in a week when Russia's leading opposition politician has allegedly been poisoned with Novichok is chilling. Bill Browder sets the scene with a description of his early life in America and the circumstances that led him to become an investment banker with a particular interest in Eastern Europe, finally settling on Russia where his company made a great deal of money for his clients. It's a very detailed account of the blatant corruption that he uncovered, with the help of his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky. When Magnitsky was killed in a prison cell in Russia in 2009, Browder decided to dedicate himself to getting justice for his friend and to expose exactly what goes on when anyone displeases Putin. It's a long book as Browder takes us through the events and his thought processes. However, it is rewarding and thought provoking for the reader, ultimately. Well written and a must-read for anyone visiting or with an interest in Russia. Thank you, Viking Book Club, for sending me this book.

Jane Jones

First can I say thank you so much for sending me the above book to read. Wow what a fantastic book. There is no way I would have selected this for myself but I am so pleased to have read it! It is an amazing insight into a world I know nothing about. We all hear the stories on the news regarding poisonings related to Russia but this book is an incredible story of such corruption in the country whilst at the same time showing the courage of those who regardless of regime and punishment stand up for what and who is right. It was such a moving read and kept me turning the pages to see what happened next. As requested by Bill at the end of the book I will define sharing his story with family and friends. This is the first time I have ever been involved in a Book Club and have so enjoyed reading and reviewing this book.

Andrew Williams

'Read the first chapter, read the book.' An excellent and enlightening read - if a bit concerning. The story flowed through succinct chapters to a satisfactory conclusion. At times I believed I was reading a Ken Follett historic adventure and had to remind myself this was not a novel.

Andre Du Casse

This is the most exciting book that I've read for a long time. It really was 'unputdownable'. I have learnt a lot about Russia and the ins and outs of finance and investing. Also, it has left me wanting to find out more about Bill Browder's grandfather and communism in the USA.